Litigating The Cases That Matter The Most

Defending the Accused and Fighting Mass Incarceration

Litigating The Criminal Cases That Matter The Most

Fighting your charges may seem daunting, but cases are won, charges are overturned, and people walk free out of the courtroom every day. Being charged does not mean you’re going to jail. You are innocent until proven guilty, and our goal at The Claiborne Firm is always to defend your innocence, protect your rights, and fight to keep your record clear. You deserve nothing less.

You Can Fight Your Case and Win – A Winning Track Record

Even when cases seem hopeless, we have a track record of winning for our clients. Review our past cases to learn how we’ve defended past clients and won.

Prior Client Reviews

We’re honored when our clients share their experiences online, but our proudest moments are helping them win their cases and retain their rights. Take a look at what past clients have said.

What You’ll Get at Our Free Case Evaluation

If you’re facing criminal charges, we offer free, no-obligation case evaluations where we start planning your defense in 30-45 minutes. Here’s what you can expect to gain:

  • • An understanding of your charges and potential defenses
  • • More options than you had before
  • • A sense of resilience and empowerment to fight your charges


At the evaluation, we listen to your side of the story and start building a narrative to support your defense. We can meet with you in-person, over the phone, or online. All information is confidential. Whether you hire us or not, you’ll gain valuable information from one of the toughest criminal firms in Savannah.

You Can Beat Your Charges

We make it our mission to keep your record clear by getting your charges reduced or dismissed entirely.

We do that by:

  • Empowering you to fight your case through transparency, listening, and education.
  • Achieving the best possible resolution for your case.
  • Helping you keep criminal charges off your record.
  • Giving you your life back.


How We Fight for You

Plain and simple, we prepare more thoroughly than the prosecution. We put in the work, and when you put in more work than the prosecution and the arresting officer, you are better prepared to win. We do this by:

  • • Starting our own independent investigation as soon as you meet with us
  • • Preserving evidence immediately after your arrest
  • • Chasing down witnesses to provide testimony
  • • Reviewing every detail of your case, including police reports, court documents, bodycam footage, video feeds, audio files, and test results

This level of preparation means we catch any cracks in the prosecution’s argument or mistakes made by law enforcement – and they do make mistakes.

We listen to your account and use the evidence we collect to develop a narrative that presents your side of the story. Then, we take this narrative to the negotiating table. We present our case to the prosecution to prove that they should drop or reduce the charges. If they don’t, we never back down from a tough fight in the courtroom.


Types of Cases We Handle

Disorderly Conduct
Public Drunk/Intoxication
Sleeping in Public Spaces
Public Indecency
Cruelty to Animals

Theft by Shoplifting/Taking/Receiving
Breaking & Entering
Entering Auto

Possession of a Firearm by a Felon
Possession of a Firearm during a Crime
Concealing a Firearm
Discharging a Firearm
Pointing Weapon at Another

Our Advantage in Chatham County Courts

Criminal defense attorney, David Utter has spent his career proving the innocence of his clients. His knowledge, experience, and criminal defense strategies lead to the most favorable outcomes for his clients.

Media Coverage

The national and local news media frequently seek out the attorneys at The Claiborne Firm to provide statements on high-profile cases. We are regarded in the media industry as some of the most highly skilled defense attorneys in the state. We’re also not afraid to use social media to generate awareness of our cases, and we use it to our advantage. We’ve published posts and videos on behalf of some of our clients that have generated views in the hundreds of thousands.

The Value of a Clear Criminal Record

Keeping your criminal record free of charges means you can pursue goals for your future without the challenges a criminal record creates. You can be confident pursuing a job, applying for housing, applying for school, getting student loans, and managing your credit knowing no charges will show up on a background check. Your current job, housing, schooling, and any custody agreements won’t be in jeopardy. And you can hold your head high knowing you won’t face judgment for things that happened in your past.

Know Your Rights

You have rights. Understanding and using those rights is empowering. We created a library of educational information that explains more about legal issues you may be facing. Learn more about your rights here.

The Claiborne Firm Difference – Empowering & Educating You at No Cost

You shouldn’t have to pay to understand your case. We provide plenty of resources and a free consultation to educate you about the charges you are facing.

Our Low Case Loads Mean You Get Personal Attention

We only take on the cases that matter so we can give each of our clients the attention they deserve.

Open Communication

You get your lawyer’s personal cell phone number when you’re a client of The Claiborne Firm – the same numbers they use to call their families. We’re able to do so because we keep our caseloads low and our clients happy.

The Most Successful Outcomes

Our clients know they’re going to get the best representation and the best chance for a positive result when they work with us.

Telling the Stories That Matter

There are two sides to every story, and we believe yours. The state will try to tear you down and prove you are guilty. We counter that with facts and a compelling narrative that shows the judge and jury who you really are.

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