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Georgia Criminal Drug Cases

When you’re arrested for a drug charge, it’s so important to have an experienced defense attorney next to you, because the possible implications of this are huge for the rest of your life. It can have impacts to job applications, if you want to get a mortgage, credit applications, a host of other things. It’s so important to have a defense attorney that knows what they’re doing to do everything we can to keep this off your record. When you’re arrested for a drug charge in Chatham County, it almost doesn’t matter what schedule of drug that you’re charged with. The law provides different schedules, one, two, three, and four, and even other different things for how dangerous the law classifies the drug. In Chatham County, the normal practice almost doesn’t even matter for that. They’re going to offer you the same things. They’re going to treat you the same way, whether or not it was a prescription bottle where the label has simply come off, or if you’ve got cocaine in your pocket, they’re going to treat you the exact same way.

Where the cops arrest you or where they say the crime happened matters. It’s extremely important early on to have a defense attorney that knows what they’re doing, because we can go to the scene. We can take photographs, we can get videos. We can actually see what it looks like. And we can compare that to what the cops are going to say it looks like. And so getting on early, that gives us our own evidence that we can rely on to build our defense, not just relying on what the prosecution’s going to give us from whatever they may or may not have. And me being a former prosecutor, I know what they’re looking for. They’re trying to stop dangerous people from being on the streets. I can talk to the prosecutor in the case, let them know that we are not a dangerous person, trying to get the best outcome so that is not going to impact us for the rest of our lives.


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