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At the Claiborne Firm, our mission is to protect you, relieve the burden associated with your case, and achieve the absolute best possible outcome for your legal matter.

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Whether you have been injured, getting a divorce, or facing criminal charges, you may feel out of control and powerless. Engaging with us can be like taking a deep breath from what you are going through. Whatever the challenge you are experiencing — and no matter how big of a challenge it represents — we hope the worst day of your legal issue is the day before you contact and hire the Claiborne Firm. Because from that moment on, you are handing over all of your fears, worries, and anxieties about the future to a team of legal professionals that will listen to you and protect you.

You Are as Powerful as The Opposing Side

As attorneys at The Claiborne Firm, we are in a very powerful position. With only a legal pad and pen, we can haul the most powerful people and corporations in the world into a courtroom and have them answer for what they did to you.

If you think about all the protections that we have here in America, most of those protections are there because, at some point, a lawyer took a pen and a legal pad and sued or defended someone in court. When our attorneys meet with a client for the first time, we will be ready with that blank legal pad and pen to begin the personalized plan that your case presents and consider all of the different ways that your case could particularly go. We will then answer questions, give advice, and begin devising the strategy that will produce the legal results and outcomes our clients expect.

Trusted By The Most Authoritative Sources

Confidentially discussing your legal situation with our legal team is the first step toward taking back control of your life and stepping back into your own power and possibilities. After talking with us, you will discover that there are many options available to you, which can help you sleep better tonight.

The Best Preparation Leads to The Best Results

No matter the legal matter, when it comes to winning in a courtroom, the side that knows more about the case is more likely to win. The attorney who has prepared more has a closer relationship with their client, and a better grasp of those facts has a better chance of winning.

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What We Don’t Do

Personal Injury

If you have been injured, The Claiborne Firm will take the immediate steps needed to make certain that you get the best medical care and financial recovery that you deserve.

Our firm has a track record of maximizing the value of personal injury cases.

Family Law & Divorce

Whether you are seeking a divorce, child custody, modification, alimony, or any other type of family law matter, The Claiborne Firm will aggressively pursue the outcome that you seek and protect you and your family.

Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime might leave you feeling hopeless, but just because you were charged with a crime does not mean you will be found guilty. Whether it is a DUI, drug crime, assault and battery, or any other misdemeanor or felony crime, there are many ways to defend you and have the charges dismissed or reduced. Please read through our recent criminal case wins.

Civil Rights

Everybody deserves to be protected by the constitution.
The Claiborne Firm has extensive experience fighting against police abuse, government and prosecutorial misconduct, discrimination, and any type of mistreatment.

Personal Injury Overview

An injury can have disastrous effects on your life, emotionally and financially. When you’ve been injured, you might think that the insurance company is on your side, ready to help with money you need to get back on your feet. The fact is, unless you protect yourself, they will do whatever it takes to pad their corporate bottom line by paying you as little as possible. Protecting yourself means calling us and putting our proven experience to work for you. It may seem intimidating, suing a large corporation, but it’s the only way to set your life back in order. We bring an approach to your case that the insurance companies can’t match, with preparation that goes deep, ensuring you are paid what you’re entitled to. If you’ve been injured, any delay in filing a lawsuit could give the insurance company the opportunity to downplay the severity of your injuries and reduce what you receive. Call us right away to help attain the compensation you deserve.



These attorneys work incredibly hard. Thank you to the Claiborne form for all your hard work representing me. - A.M.
I had the pleasure of witnessing this incredible firm in action when I was going through a challenging case. The Claiborne Firm gave me the time of day. They heard my concerns and got me the best settlement I could have asked for. - S.D.

Family Law & Divorce Overview

Perhaps no area of the law is as complex as family law, entailing bitter disputes over financial matters and emotional fights over custody. In order to best protect yourself and your rights to any children or assets, your first call should be to the Claiborne firm. We take a singularly different approach to family law – never backing down from a fight, but not escalating a situation more than it needs. Even if mediation wasn’t a legal requirement in the state of Georgia, we would still recommend it, because it’s here that we help our clients resolve problems with the most efficiency and at the lowest cost to them. We’ll take cases to litigation if we need to, but we will always strive to settle things in mediation first. We will establish interrogatories during discovery, giving you the full facts of your case before it goes to trial. If children are involved, we will schedule temporary hearings to resolve any issues such as interim custody, alimony, temporary possession of the home and responsibility for paying bills while a divorce case moves forward. It’s a strategically aggressive approach that has helped us serve countless clients and create the best resolution when it matters most.



Sample Google and Facebook Reviews:

I am so grateful the attorneys at the Claiborne Firm represented my friend. The behavior she faced through the process was unspeakable, and I thank you for fighting for her.


What a wonderful office! The attorneys at the Claiborne Firm truly care. Thank goodness for them!

J.A. Jr.

Criminal Defense Overview

An arrest is so much more than just a night in jail and a court date. It’s so much more than the possibility of prison time. It’s an event that has lasting repercussions, impacting your ability to get a job or a home, and crippling your ability to live your life. When you’ve been arrested, make the Claiborne firm your first call. In some cases, we can make immediate moves to protect your liberty, pleading your case directly with the prosecutor or district attorney to demonstrate the meritless nature of your charges and have them dismissed outright. If charges do move forward, we move faster, with a tried-and-tested method of deep preparation that has helped us successfully defend thousands of clients. We start our independent investigation the moment you meet with us, preserving evidence that will prove vital to your case and tracking down witnesses who can provide testimony and build your case. From there, our exhaustive research will compile every detail your case: police reports, bodycam footage, nearby security camera views, audio files, court documents, test results and everything we can get our hands on that proves your innocence.


DUI Defense Overview

The impact of a DUI arrest on your permanent history can wreak havoc with your ability to provide for your family or drive a vehicle on the roadways of Georgia.  Georgia is known for their strict DUI laws and penalties that are much more stringent than in other states. It is important to understand that just because a person is accused of DUI, does not mean that you will be convicted of the crime.  Although the police have many tests and instruments that they consider scientific to prove that someone was driving under the influence, the fact of the matter is that many of the tests are highly inaccurate and some of the tests are subjective and based only on assumptions and biases made by law enforcement that you are guilty.   Contesting the breath test results, contesting the field sobriety tests, and contesting the policies and procedures made by law enforcement are just a few examples of defenses that our attorneys use to beat DUI charges or have them reduced.   Please read through our example case wins and schedule a case evaluation to protect your ability to drive and start devising a defense today.

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