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SPEECH IS NOT A SECURITY THREAT: Vice President Mike Pence vs. The First Amendment
CASE FILE: Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Sign Ban

When the City of Savannah tried to institute a ban on signs protesting the visit of Vice President Mike Pence at the Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the Claiborne Firm served as local counsel with the ACLU of Georgia to file an emergency lawsuit in Federal Court, alleging a violation of the First Amendment. The city immediately backed down in the face of our swift action on behalf of our constitutional rights.

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MY NAME IS PATRICK: Savannah Police Brutality in Mistaken Identity Case
CASE FILE: Patrick Mumford

In February of 2016, a young man named Patrick Mumford was wrongfully detained by Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department, who was serving a warrant for another man. Despite identifying himself twice, Metro Police officers tased Patrick in the back and arrested him for obstruction. The Claiborne Firm recovered a $100,000 settlement from the City of Savannah after a massive awareness campaign engaged millions of users online.

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