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The attorneys at The Claiborne Firm literally saved our family and my brother’s life. They were wonderful – intelligent, thoughtful, responsive, and hardworking. When I first called, we spent time on the phone and they agreed to meet with my brother even before we agreed to hire them. We previously had two completely incompetent attorneys and wasted two years dealing with their terrible service. It was a complete waste, and our family suffered while our brother sat in jail. After hiring The Claiborne Firm, he was out in a little more than four weeks! It was amazing! We’re still in touch with our attorneys because they have been so important to us. They are truly amazing individuals.


I just got off the phone with my attorney at The Claiborne Firm. He offered his advice and helped us understand the different outcomes for my case. He was caring, understanding, and helped calm me down on the phone. Thank you!


I am so grateful the attorneys at the Claiborne Firm represented my friend. The behavior she faced through the process was unspeakable, and I thank you for fighting for her.


What a wonderful office! The attorneys at the Claiborne Firm truly care. Thank goodness for them!

J.A. Jr.

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