Fair Fight Initiative

The Fair Fight Initiative (“FFI”) is committed to exposing and eliminating brutal jail and prison conditions, violent and deadly police brutality, and prosecutorial misconduct.  Through litigation and community advocacy, FFI exposes mistreatment by law enforcement and works to end mass incarceration.

We take on cases that other lawyers often refuse because the financial incentives of the current system overwhelmingly favor the abusive and powerful, rewarding lawyers and law firms who defend unconscionable law enforcement conduct on the streets and in America’s jails and prisons by filing endless motions, fighting routine discovery requests, and engaging in needless litigation because the firms are paid by the hour – often by insurance companies.

With public support, FFI will level the playing field by providing funding to litigate cases and working within communities to bring justice to individuals and their families.

FFI is a private, non-profit public charity corporation founded by lawyers with deep roots in civil rights and social justice advocacy.  FFI is a project of The Claiborne Firm, P.C.

Please visit: https://www.fairfightinitiative.org/


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