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A Winning Track Record For Drug Cases

Defending The Drug Cases That Matter The Most

Fight Your Drug Charges and Win – Here’s How

Facing drug charges may seem hopeless, but people best their cases every day. At The Claiborne Firm, our mission is to get your charges completely dismissed and keep them off your criminal record. Being arrested for drug charges is not a guilty verdict.

The Stigma of Drug Charges in Our Society

A conviction for drug charges will affect you long after the immediate fines and potential jail time, making it that much harder to get your life back. That’s the truth, but it’s no reason to lose hope. Some of our clients have been rejected by every other lawyer they meet with before they talk to us. We don’t shy away from tough cases because we believe your story deserves to be told. And you should be able to tell it fearlessly.

We defend clients facing even the most serious charges, including:

  • • Possession
  • • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • • Possession with intent to distribute
  • • Conspiracy
  • • Drug trafficking
  • • Drug manufacturing
  • • Drug cultivation
  • • Marijuana charges
  • • Prescription drug charges
  • • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • • Juvenile drug charges

How We Defend Drug Charges

If you want to keep drug charges off your criminal record, your best strategy is to hire a defense team that will put in the work. We aggressively investigate every case we take on, including talking to witnesses, gathering evidence, and thoroughly reviewing police reports, court documents, bodycam footage, video feeds, and communications. Some common defenses we employ when defending drug charges include:

  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Lack of probable cause
  • Lack of reasonable suspicion
  • Law enforcement mistakes during arrest
  • Faulty lab tests
  • Procedural mistakes during testing
  • Lack of possession or knowledge of possession
  • Substance use disorder that requires treatment, not punishment

Our Track Record of Success

We represent clients in some of the most challenging drug cases. Look through our past wins to see firsthand how we’ve defended those clients and won.

Positive Online Reviews

Many of our past clients have shared their experiences online, and we’re honored to have helped them. Read through our positive online reviews.

The Benefit of Our Free Case Evaluation

If you were arrested for drug charges, we would be happy to offer a free, no-obligation case review. They take about 30-45 minutes, and can be conducted in-person, over the phone, or online. After the meeting, you can expect to walk away with:

  • • A thorough explanation of your charges
  • • Potential defense strategies
  • • More options and an understanding of your next steps
  • • Empowering possibilities moving forward

Your side of the story matters, so we start by listening. We’ll start planning for your defense at the meeting. Whether or not you choose to hire us, you’ll leave with a wealth of information from one the toughest criminal defense firm in Savannah, Georgia.

How We Get Your Charges Dropped or Reduced

Keeping your record clear is our primary goal. We want our clients to walk away from their charges proudly and return to their normal lives. We achieve that through:

  • • Empowering you with education about the charges you’re facing and the criminal proceedings
  • • Working toward the most positive outcome for your case
  • • Keeping your record free of charges
  • • Restoring your hope, dignity, reputation, and regular daily life

What We Do to Win

Put simply, we work harder than the opposite team. We prepare more thoroughly than the prosecution and arresting officer, so we are better able to find cracks in their case. Our preparation includes:

  • • Conducting an independent investigation
  • • Working quickly to preserve evidence
  • • Interviewing witnesses
  • • Collecting evidence like video feeds, audio recordings, and forensics
  • • Reviewing police reports, court documents, and bodycam footage


If law enforcement made a mistake, we will find it.

Your Extra Competitive Advantage in Chatham County Court

When you’re fighting for your rights, you want the strongest team on your side. At The Claiborne Firm, that team includes a former assistant district attorney for Chatham County. Our lead criminal defense attorney spent years prosecuting criminal charges. He knows how the other side fights, including the habits and preferences of the judges, prosecutors, and police officers. His experience gives you an advantage you can’t find at other criminal defense firms.

The Benefit of No Criminal Record

A criminal record can follow you throughout your life, making it harder to find a job, apply for an apartment, enroll in school, apply for student loans, and maintain your credit score. Keeping your record free of charges means you can pursue the kind of life you want to leave. You have choices. And you don’t face judgement for your past mistakes.

Understand Your Rights

Our website contains a library of resources that explain the legal issues related to drug charges. Take a look to learn about your rights.

The Claiborne Firm Difference


Educating & Empowering You Free of Charge

With knowledge comes power. We offer educational resources and a free consultation to our clients to provide the knowledge they need to fight their cases.

Individualized Attention

We keep our caseloads low to give each client individual, personalized attention. Other firms will take on as many cases as possible. We simply don’t do that. Our clients deserve our fullest attention.

Communication is Key

When you become a Claiborne Firm client, you get the personal cell phone number of your attorney. They use the same numbers to speak with their friends and family. We are happy to offer open lines of communication because we don’t overwhelm our firm with cases, and we keep our clients informed.

Creative Solutions

At The Claiborne Firm, you get the benefit of a whole team behind you. We all work together to brainstorm out-of-the-box strategies to the toughest legal challenges.

Positive Outcomes

Our clients trust us to get the best possible outcome for them during one of the most stressful, traumatic times in their lives.

We Tell Your Story with Pride

The prosecution will try to destroy your character. Our job is to counteract that with a narrative supported by undeniable facts that tell your side of the story and paint you in the best light.

Start by Explaining Your Story, In Your Voice

Fill out the form below to provide us with an account of events from your perspective, your name, phone number, and email address. We can start building your defense the moment you contact us.


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