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The Claiborne Firm is hyper-focused on one main area of law in Louisiana: criminal defense. Clients who hire The Claiborne Firm expect the absolute best possible outcome for their cases, and The Claiborne Firm delivers this each time we walk into the courthouse. Whether that means working tirelessly to secure a plea deal that reduces the charges against our client or obtaining a full acquittal, we do whatever it takes to defend your freedom against charges at the state and federal levels.

Our unique method begins with exhaustive preparation and a thorough understanding of every facet of your case, with every scrap of evidence and every detail thoroughly analyzed by our defense team. Together, our defense attorneys build a defense that dwarfs anything the prosecution can assemble. We walk into the courtroom and up to the bargaining table knowing that there are cracks in the prosecutor’s armor, and we exploit them.

Your Pending Charges Are Not a Conviction

A charge against you is not a conviction, and the burden of proof falls on the prosecution. Calling their evidence into question, challenging the legality of the initial investigation and seeing charges reduced or dismissed is what we do best. With our proven record of defending clients, you can walk confidently into that courtroom knowing your freedom is protected by a firm built on doing more.


Types of Cases We Handle

Illegal Carry
Unlawful Possession by Convicted Felons
Possession in Gun-Free Zones
Illegal Discharge
Intimidating Use of Weapons
Selling to Minors
Possession of Devices Intended for Arson or Explosions
Possession in Context of Drug-Related Crimes
Federal Trafficking or Gun Law Violations

Simple or Aggravated Assault
Simple Battery
Aggravated Battery
Second-Degree or Aggravated Second-Degree Battery
Domestic Abuse Battery
Battery of a Police Officer
Sexual Battery

Voluntary Manslaughter
First-degree murder
Second-degree murder

Possession or Possession with Intent to Distribute
Distribution or Trafficking
Illegally Obtaining Prescription Medication
Possession of Paraphernalia

First Offense DWI
Second Offense DWI
Third or Subsequent Felony DWI
DWI with Child Endangerment
Underage DWI
DWI with Property Damage or Bodily Injury
DWI Manslaughter
Committing DWI with a CDL

Money Laundering
Trafficking Drugs
Trafficking Arms
Human Trafficking
Illegal Gambling Operations or Loan Sharking
Tampering with Witnesses

Meet Your Defense Team

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”  – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Chris Murell

Attorney Chris Murell has dedicated his life to giving a voice to the voiceless and power to the powerless, fighting tirelessly within a flawed justice system to ensure his clients’ freedoms are protected. His dedication to upholding justice is evidenced by his formidable history of courtroom victories, securing acquittals in a range of serious criminal charges, from drug-related offenses to murder. Moreover, his adeptness in appellate advocacy is demonstrated by his success in overturning wrongful convictions and death sentences at the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Meghan Matt

Serving as Murell’s tag team defense attorney is Meghan Matt, who shares the same zealous dedication to finding justice in an unfair system that is stacked up against the average citizen.  Having worked in the public defender’s office in Orleans Parish and studied the criminal justice system, she knows the ins and outs of the legal system in our area.  She knows how the dysfunctional system operates; she understands how the prosecutors work; she is familiar with the tendencies and propensities of each of the judges; and she knows how to exploit all of these variables to deliver the results her clients desire.

Preparing to Win

Preparation is the cornerstone of what sets The Claiborne Firm apart. Both Chris and Meghan put their full dedication behind each case, providing a defense rooting in knowing more about the circumstances of your case better than the prosecution and law enforcement.  When you become our client, we launch a thorough investigation into your case, securing exculpatory evidence to ensure its integrity. We find the witnesses who can provide corroboration. We meticulously analyze every piece of evidence, from police reports to forensic testing.

Then, we put that preparation to work, challenging the evidence against you and revealing the flaws in the prosecution’s case. Our unconventional tactics urge the prosecution to stand down, either dismissing or reducing the charges against you. If the prosecution chooses to take your case to trial, The Claiborne Firm will begin to mount an even more aggressive defense strategy to win your case in front of a jury.

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