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Georgia Criminal Defense Strategies

There’s nothing more serious than the state charging you with a crime. They can take your liberty away and put you in prison. That’s why it’s extremely important for you to have an experienced defense attorney representing you in court. You do not want someone having their first time be representing you. It’s really important for an experienced defense attorney to get in early on your case. As soon as you’re arrested, the cops have already started building their case, if they’re not already done. We need to start getting our own evidence, talking to people, figuring out ways to defend you. That’s why it’s so extremely important to get a defense attorney and an experienced one early on in the process, because we’ve got court dates, we’ve got court deadlines, we’ve got certain things that start piling up really quickly. Almost as soon as we’re arrested.

I was a prosecutor for almost 10 years. I now defend cases. A lot of times when we’re defending cases, the best thing to do is wait. We wait out the prosecutor, but because I was a prosecutor, I know how they think. That means sometimes the best strategy is to actually attack from the beginning. We actually prosecute your defense.


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