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Georgia DUI Jail Time

When someone’s arrested for DUI, oftentimes that is the first time they’ve ever had handcuffs on and they’ve ever been into jail. That’s extremely scary. We get the question a lot that am I going to have to go back to jail. Am I going to have to spend weekends or weeks there? DUI law requires that when an officer arrests you for DUI, you do have to be booked into jail. DUI law also says that if through either a plea deal or at the end of a trial that if you’re found guilty of a DUI for your first DUI, you must spend at least one day in jail. For subsequent DUIs, that amount goes up.

This is why you need a defense attorney to protect you to fight this case and to prosecute your defense. Each case is very different. It depends on whether the officer simply stopped you because you were speeding or was there a big wreck where people got hurt? Those are two very different things, but the best thing that you can do is get a good attorney to look out for you and to protect you during this whole process.


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