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DUI License Property and Rights in Georgia

When you’re arrested for DUI, they take your license from you. You’re given a limited permit that only lasts a small window. If you don’t apply to have a license for the rest of the time, while we fight your case, you’re not going to have a license. You cannot drive during that period. That’s why it’s extremely important to have a defense attorney that knows what they’re doing early on in the case so that from the get-go we can start fighting for you and protecting your rights.

You’ve got a very short time window to do a lot of things. You’ve got to apply so that you can even get a permit to drive. A lot of times your car is going to be towed. You’ve got to get that back. You’ve got to start asking the court for court dates and start challenging the evidence against you pretty early, just to make sure that all of your rights are protected and there are no deadlines that are missed. All of that requires an attorney that knows what they’re doing, specifically, with DUI and defending DUI cases.

When you’re thinking about who to hire to defend you on a criminal charge, you want someone that sees the whole picture.


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