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Free Georgia Criminal Case Evaluation

For criminal cases, we do a free case evaluation and what’s going to happen is you’re going to come in or we’re going to do it over the phone, but I really want to hear what’s going on with your case. I want to hear what happened. Each case is very different. Everyone has a different background, all of the facts of each case are very different. And so I really need to get a picture of what was going on as to why you might be in trouble. Why you might’ve gotten a citation or why you might have been arrested. The facts of your individual case help me start crafting a plan from the very beginning on how best to defend us from the charges that the state is bringing against you and what we can do right now to better ourselves in the future for the defense.

We’re always going to discuss with our clients what they want out of a case, whether it’s a quick resolution, whether it’s a full exoneration, whether it is going through motions and possibly a plea deal afterwards. How The Claiborne Firm is different than other firms is we prosecute your defense. From the very beginning, we start looking at things in a different way, thinking that we’re going to trial, how do we use each and every single piece of evidence to our advantage?


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