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Georgia DUI Blood Tests

When you’re arrested for DUI, the cops may ask you for a blood draw. What that means is that they’re either going to call an EMT or an ambulance to the scene to take your blood right there. They could bring you to a hospital, or there may be a phlebotomist at the jail that takes your blood, and they send that blood to the GBI for them to test it for your blood alcohol content. You need to remember, you have the right to say no. That is your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself. You don’t have to give them any evidence to prosecute you. Even if you say no, the officer might decide to ask a judge to sign a search warrant to have oftentimes an EMT come and stick a needle in your arm and take blood without your consent. That’s a possibility.

If that happens, that’s something that we would fight in court, because you exercised your Fifth Amendment right and said no, and they decided to try to use that against you anyway. How the Claiborne Firm is different than other firms is we prosecute your defense. From the very beginning, we start looking at things differently, thinking that we’re going to trial. How do we use every single piece of evidence to our advantage?


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