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Georgia Criminal Discovery Process

When we talk about discovery, that’s simply the prosecutor giving us what they have. They have to show their hand, to show us what they think they can prove. That’s all the reports, that’s all of the videos, the different statements, photographs, everything that they’ve got that they think proves their case. So it’s really important to have a good defense attorney that knows what they’re doing early on in the process to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines. Once we have all of the discovery, once we have all of the reports and videos from the prosecutor, which has the prosecutor showing what they believe you did, what they think they can prove, that’s when the case really starts.

That’s when we’re able to start digging into it, start seeing the differences between the reports and the videos, where we can make sure that constitutional rights were all protected, to make sure that the cops did what they were supposed to do, make sure that all of the steps were followed. And that’s when we start filing motions to suppress, where we start trying to keep things out of court that shouldn’t be there, trying to make sure that you are protected. And that’s before we get to anything like a plea or a trial or anything else like that.

What I actually bring is something that you’re not able to find a lot. I was actually a prosecutor for about 10 years, and that really let me see how police go about things, how prosecutors’ offices think about things, how they present cases. And that lets me bring a very different perspective to your case, to looking at the facts or presenting things in court than a lot of other attorneys are able to do.


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