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Experienced DUI Attorney in Georgia

When you’re arrested for DUI, it’s extremely important to have an experienced DUI defense attorney. I was a prosecutor for almost 10 years and for a large part of that, I focused on DUIs. Here in Chatham County, I handled all of the vehicular homicides, most of which include DUIs for two years.

The reason it’s important to have someone that knows DUI and DUI law is because there are a lot of nuances. There’s a lot of things that both the cops and the prosecutors have to do. They’ve got to follow the right steps, they’ve got to do it in the right order. And that’s everything from stopping the car initially, to when they’re talking to you, when you’re doing the roadside sobriety tests, to when they even ask you if you want to do a breathalyzer or they ask you for blood. And if they don’t follow those rules, a lot of what they’ve got can be thrown out of court. You must have someone sitting next to you defending you that understands this and knows where to attack the prosecutor’s case.

I prosecute your defense. We actively go about things just like the prosecutor’s going to actively go about proving their case. That’s how we prove your case, how we dismantle the prosecutor’s case, and how we go about defending you.


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