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Georgia Criminal Bond Definition

Once you’ve been arrested in the state of Georgia a judge has to see you within 72 hours to set some sort of an initial bond. That could be anything from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, or the judge might deny bond altogether, depending on what you’re charged with, what your criminal history is. That initial appearance is very scary because you’ve got a prosecutor or the police on the other side. And a lot of times you may not have someone. Once you’ve seen a judge or you’ve been given a bond, you can either pay the bond yourself, or you can go to a bondsman. A lot of times, if you go to a bondsman, they’ll only make you pay a certain percentage and that’s just another person to help you get out of jail. That is extremely important time to already have an attorney. So as soon as you’re arrested, it’s extremely important to get representation, to get an attorney that knows what they’re doing from the get-go.


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