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Georgia Underage DUI

We all know the law. You’re not supposed to drink until you’re 21. And so, DUI laws are different when someone is under 21 versus 21 and over. When you’re under 21, the threshold is much, much, much lower. And the ramifications are a lot stricter for someone that’s under 21 as well. It makes it much, much harder for them to get their license back. It has huge implications on insurance, being able to just do things in the future. And so whenever someone’s been arrested for DUI and they’re not 21 yet, it’s extremely important to have an attorney that knows what they’re doing.

What I bring is something that you’re not able to find a lot. I was actually a prosecutor for about 10 years, and that let me see how police go about things, how prosecutor’s offices think about things, how they present cases. And that lets me bring a very different perspective to your case.


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