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The term “white collar” sounds refined and non-threatening unless you are facing the charge in court. The reality is that white collar crimes are serious offenses and must be handled with care. A conviction can mean huge fines, prison time, and probation. And the crime will remain on your record, making future employment more difficult to obtain.

But there is always hope. It is important to build a strong defense to prevent an accusation from turning into a conviction. At the Claiborne Firm, we have experience with many different white collar crimes. We will help you tell your side of the story in court, and help build a strong defense.

Types of White Collar Crimes We Handle

Below is a list of white collar crimes that we have experience with:

  • • Money Laundering
  • • Embezzlement
  • • Extortion
  • • Blackmail
  • • Conspiracy
  • • Asset Forfeiture
  • • Bribery
  • • Wire and Mail Fraud
  • • Identity Theft
  • • Medicare & Medicaid Fraud
  • • RICO Violations
  • • Perjury
  • • Computer and Cyber crimes
  • • Securities Fraud
  • • Business Crimes
  • • Financial Crimes
  • • Federal White Collar Crime
  • • Accounting fraud
  • • Mortgage fraud
  • • Bank fraud
  • • Counterfeiting

Consequences for White Collar Crimes

The consequences for these crimes vary from charge to charge, and are heavily influenced by the specifics of the case.

Identity Fraud is one common example that can help demonstrate what the consequences can be. A conviction can result in between one and ten years in jail, and a fine of up to $100,000. And any past crimes can increase the penalties significantly.

Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected

One of the most important jobs for any defense attorney is making sure that their clients do not have their legal rights violated by the state.

The right to remain silent is important to for anyone to remember when dealing with law enforcement. Innocent people can incriminate themselves if they speak with law enforcement without an attorney, as there are times that an innocuous statement can relate to one of the details of the case and lead to an arrest.

We Will Work Hard For You… Just Ask Our Clients

At the Claiborne Firm, we win cases. You can review examples of the work we do online by looking at our past cases. You can also read testimonials from the clients themselves to see how they feel about our work.

A Full Evaluation for Free

We strongly believe that everyone should be well informed. Everyone who meets with us will learn more about the charges they are facing, and potential defenses for those charges. There is no obligation to hire us after this initial meeting. We will simply arm you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

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