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Types of DUI Charges in Georgia

The state of Georgia’s DUI laws splits them into two general categories. One is called DUI less safe. The other one is called DUI per se, and that’s the easiest one to explain. That’s when they have an actual breath test or a blood test and the breath or blood shows that a blood alcohol content or a breath alcohol content is above the legal limit. Right now, that’s 0.08. And so if they have that, they have what’s called a DUI per se. If they don’t have those like if you refuse to give them a breath or a blood sample, which is your right, they can still arrest you for what’s called DUI less safe. And that simply means that the cop believes that you are driving under the influence, but they simply don’t have a test to prove it.

Once the cops arrest you, they already believe you’re guilty. What we can do by looking at the evidence, by collecting our evidence, by really attacking the state’s discovery, to show them that you’re not the guilty person that they think you are.


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