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Georgia Criminal Pretrial Diversion

One of the things that the prosecutor can offer to close out a case is something called pretrial diversion. What pretrial diversion is, it’s a program that you go through where after you complete the program, the charges against you get dismissed. A lot of times the prosecutor will make this offer or will allow someone to go into this early, early on in a case. So they don’t have to spend a lot of time or energy going through motions, calling on witnesses, doing anything else. What pretrial diversion normally means, it normally means some community service. It normally means some sort of class, whether it be a drug and alcohol class, a domestic violence intervention program class, or something else like that. Once everything’s completed, everything gets dismissed. A lot of times that’s a good option because court cases, especially criminal cases can take years to resolve. And if there’s an opportunity to close a case in just a few months and get the arrest hidden from your record, pretrial diversion might be an extremely attractive possibility.

It really helps to have someone that understands how a prosecutor goes about things, what they’re thinking about, and someone that is now a defense attorney that I am focused on you and the best outcome for you.


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