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Being involved in an accident is always upsetting, but being involved in an accident where someone lost their life can be particularly traumatic. You might be dealing with your own injuries in addition to worrying about your future.

We are here to help you get through this trying time. We educate our clients about what they’re facing every step of the way, and with that knowledge comes hope. Facing vehicular homicide charges does not mean you’re going to jail. We want all of our clients to have hope that they can fight the charges against them.

What is Vehicular Homicide?

Georgia law defines two types of vehicular homicide without “malice aforethought,” meaning they were not intentional – first-degree and second-degree homicide. First-degree homicide by vehicle includes accidents that result in a loss of life where one of the following occurred:

  • • Reckless driving
  • • Passing a school bus illegally
  • • Running or evading police
  • • Fleeing the scene

Second-degree homicide by vehicle includes accidents that result in loss of life that doesn’t meet the above criteria.

Is Vehicular Homicide a Felony in Georgia?

Homicide by vehicle can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. The severity of the charges depends on the details of each case.

What Are the Potential Penalties for Vehicular Homicide?

Penalties for first-degree homicide by vehicle include a three- to 15-year jail sentence. First degree homicide by vehicle is always considered a felony.
Penalties for second-degree homicide by vehicle include a jail sentence up to one year and fines up to $1,000. Second degree homicide by vehicle Is considered a misdemeanor.

How Do We Defend a Vehicular Homicide Case?

At The Claiborne Firm, we know our clients are coming to us during the most distressing times of their lives. We take a limited number of cases, so we can give each client the attention they deserve. For vehicular homicide cases, we research each case meticulously by interviewing witnesses, reviewing police documents, and visiting the scene of the accident. That information helps us brainstorm creative defenses and tailor our argument for each case.

What Sets the Claiborne Firm Apart?

Our clients value our legal counsel because we give them individualized attention and empower them with knowledge. We are aggressive in court, and we’re known for identifying and fighting inequalities in the criminal justice system. Because we dedicate the necessary time to each client, we come up with novel solutions in challenging cases.

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