After Your Arrest

The decisions you make immediately after your arrest can have a profound impact on whether you receive bail and how the criminal justice system handles your case. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide the access to the system to get the attention your case needs.

DAVID J. UTTER, Criminal Defense Attorney for the Claiborne Firm, P.C.:

“The most important thing that a lawyer can provide is access. You want someone that is answering your phone calls, that is returning your phone calls and that is communicating with you. That is what your lawyer should be doing.

We like to say that there are two times in your life that you really need somebody: when you’re sick, you need a doctor. And when the state is trying to take your freedom away, you need a lawyer.

Whether you’re in jail and you need a bond or you’re out of jail and need someone to defend you on the case ahead, you need somebody that understands this is an incredibly important part of your life. It’s really important to you that you don’t get sucked up into the system anymore and you need somebody that is talking to you about your case and about the next steps.

That’s what we do.”

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