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Georgia DUI Dash and Body Cams

When we prosecute your defense, we’ll start at the very beginning. Let’s say we’re talking about a DUI. We start looking at, from the very beginning, when the officer decides to pull your car over. They need what’s call articulable reasonable suspicion to pull you over. A lot of times, that’s weaving within a lane, missing a stop sign, going too fast, speeding, and luckily for some of those, we’re able to have body cam or dash cam to compare against what the officer’s saying.

And so we look at each of those pieces, we look at the video, how it matches with the report, and see if there’s a discrepancy there. When we’re looking at all of the pieces of evidence throughout the entirety of the stop, not just the result where they ended up putting handcuffs on you.

What we’re able to do, is we’re able to use that against the officer in front of a jury because no jury wants to hear that the very beginning, the very basis of a stop, was wrong from the get-go. We can show that the officer’s, what he saw, what he perceived that night does not match up with when we have video.


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