Get Your Assault and Battery Charge Dismissed

Georgia Assault and Battery Charges Can Be Dismissed

Assault and battery are serious criminal charges. A conviction can have a significant effect on your personal or professional life, so it is important to fight to have your rights upheld at every step of the legal process. At the Claiborne Firm, we believe that we can make a difference for our clients and make sure that their stories are heard.

Defining Assault in Georgia Law

Georgia separate assaults into two groups as follows:

• Simple Assault: An attempt to violently injure another or putting someone in “reasonable apprehension” of being violently injured.

• Aggravated Assault: An assault with the intent to murder, rape, or rob another person. It can also refer to an assault with a deadly weapon or an object that can seriously harm strangulation, or a drive-by shooting.

Aggravated assault is considered the more serious of the two charges.

Defining Battery in Georgia Law

Like Assault, Georgia divides Battery into multiple charges depending on the severity of the harm done to another person.

• Simple Battery: Intentionally coming into physical contact with another person to harm, insult, or provoke but without actually causing serious harm.

• Battery: Causing significant physical harm to another person.

• Aggravated Battery: Intentionally harming another to the point that part of their body is severed or rendered useless, or disfiguring another person.

Each one is a serious charge, and the level is determined by the harm caused to another person.

Possible Defenses for Assault or Battery

There are common defenses that can make a difference in these cases. Most of them refer to the context in which the assault or battery occurred and telling the entirety of the story.

• If the action was taken in Self-Defense or Defense of Another Person, it may be justified in the eyes of the law.

• If the action was taken in Defense of Property it may also be justified. An example of this would be utilizing a weapon to drive off an intruder.

• If it can be proven that the accuser gave Consent it may be possible to get the charges dismissed.

• If the defense can provide an Alibi for the defendant’s whereabouts at the time of the incident and prove that they were not present, then the charges will like be dismissed.

How the Claiborne Firm Can Fight For You

Our preparation gives us the edge in the court room. We work harder than the prosecution, and that puts us in the position to win for our clients.

For every case, we take steps to make sure we are fully prepared. This includes:

• Launching an investigation into the details of the case.

• Gathering relevant evidence.

• Interviewing witnesses on their perspectives.

• Search through everything related to your case, including reports, security cam footage, recordings, lab results.

This enables us to find the evidence needed to win the case for our client.

Law enforcement and the prosecution will make mistakes during the legal process. It’s inevitable. And we find ways to expose these mistakes and utilize them for the betterment of our clients.

The Right Narrative to Get Results

In many ways, building a strong defense means building a strong story. We believe that our clients deserve to have their perspective on events heard in the courtroom, and we find ways to frame these stories with supporting evidence and testimony.

Overall, we use the evidence we gather to build the right narrative, and this makes a massive difference in the outcomes of the case.

The Advantages of the Claiborne Firm

At the Claiborne Firm, we fight injustice.  We keep our caseload low so that we can give every client individual attention and a personalized strategy. No case is unwinnable with the right team on your side, and we are confident that we can fight for you.

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