The Assistance of Counsel

We reject the unfair portrayal of the criminal defense attorney. We are committed to delivering the assistance of counsel to ensure you are treated fairly by our criminal justice system.

DAVID J. UTTER, Criminal Defense Attorney for the Claiborne Firm, P.C. said:

“Our job as criminal defense attorneys is not to judge whether you are a good or bad person. Our job is not even to determine whether you are guilty or not. Our job is to play a role in the system to make sure if you are convicted, that you are done so in a fair manner.

The thing that distinguishes the United States from almost every other country in the world is that we don’t just grab people off the street for nothing. In the United States of America, you’re entitled to a lawyer, you’re entitled to a defense, you’re entitled to the state upholding its burden of proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

We don’t judge whether you’re good or bad. We fight for you.”

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