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Georgia Criminal Accountability Courts

Chatham County has three different what are called accountability courts. One’s veterans court, one is DUI court, one is drug court. What those are, they’re specifically made for people that are charged with a lot of times, assaults and batteries that have been in the military. People that have been charged with DUIs, where it might not be their first offense of DUI. Or drug court is for people that have been arrested multiple times for drug possession. And they want to try to turn their life around. Those are different options and different ways to resolve your case. Each one of them have different requirements and different ways that they can help someone.

It’s extremely important to have a defense attorney that knows these drug courts, that knows the DUI court, knows the veteran court, knows what they’re looking for in order to see if this would be a good option, but that’s only after we’ve looked at the case. We’ve looked at all of the discovery and we’ve discussed it all with you to figure out if this is the best option for you. That’s why you need an experienced attorney, not only on the defense side, but also someone that really knows and understands these accountability courts as another option, another way that we can resolve this case and this arrest.


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