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Car accidents can be terrifying and traumatizing experiences. We understand what you are going through, and we are here to help relieve your anxiety and fear around your health, wellbeing, and future financial stability.

At The Claiborne, we make settling your accident fast and simple, so that you can gain back your life.

This includes:

  • Fast, maximum settlements on your terms.
  • Contingency fees, which means you pay us nothing until we settle your case.
  • Free legal consultations
  • A strong track record of successful settlements.

To improve your wellbeing and maximize your settlement in the future there are a few important things that we recommend to anyone involved in a recent car accident:

  1. • Treat Your Injuries as Soon as Possible

Getting medical treatment should be your priority. See your doctor for a clinical evaluation and let him or her know about any pain, discomfort, or mobility issues you are having. That information will help your doctor determine whether you are injured and what your treatment plan should be to heal and return to a healthy life.

  1. • Retain an Attorney to File a Claim with Your Insurance

Contact your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. Waiting to contact them can cause problems down the line. However, you should not give a formal statement without the advice of an attorney.

  1. • Gather Evidence

Write down everything you remember about the accident and keep a daily journal about your injuries and how they’ve changed your day-to-day life. Make a note of all costs and expenses. Remembering these details later can be challenging, so it’s helpful to have a daily record of your experience to ensure you recoup the compensation you deserve.
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Don’t Be Fooled: Commercials and Advertisements Can Be Deceptive and Misleading

If you’re looking for an attorney, don’t believe everything you hear on TV or see on a billboard. Large firms might have you think they can resolve these cases quickly and easily, overlooking critical elements of your case in the process.

At The Claiborne Firm, we keep our caseloads low for that very reason – each of our clients deserves our undivided attention. We don’t invest in TV commercials or expensive advertising to churn through a high volume of clients. Instead, we only take cases that we feel strongly about. Then we pursue justice relentlessly – preserving evidence and brainstorming creative ways to achieve a successful outcome. We understand how to present facts to sway a jury and have a proven history of winning large settlements.


Make Your Life Whole Again with Preparation and Timing to Maximize Your Settlement and Speed Your Recovery

Justice favors those who prepare. Preparation makes a huge difference when it comes to lawsuits. We aim to be better prepared than the insurance company and opposing counsel to give our clients a significant edge. Timing is just as important. Don’t let too much time pass between before you seek medical treatment and speak with an attorney.


Proven Track Record of Winning Large Verdicts and Settlements

Example: The at fault driver only had $25,000 in insurance, but attorney William Claiborne fought for and won a multi-million dollar settlement.

Our client had previously hired a well-known, television-advertising attorney to handle a car accident case. Sadly, her son had been killed in the wreck.

Almost a year went by before the high-volume attorney touched her son’s case.

After that, we took the case. The driver who killed he son only had a $25,000 insurance policy, but we worked through the process to get her the settlement she deserved instead of an offensive $25,000 for her son’s life. In the end, the settlement was in the high seven-figures.


The Claiborne Firm Difference

We give each client close, individualized attention. We fight relentlessly for our clients with creative solutions and media savvy. And we don’t shy away from tough fights.

Our Approach

We are a boutique law firm that only takes select personal injury cases. This selectivity allows us to give each client an individualized approach.

Know this: insurance adjusters will do everything in their power to dispute your claim and play down your suffering. We know how to stand up to them in court and win the settlement you deserve.

If you’ve suffered injuries in a car accident, contact us for a free, no-obligation personal injury consultation. We can come to you wherever you are most comfortable and empower you with knowledge to make an informed decisions for your future.

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