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Recover Damages After Georgia Car Accident

When you’ve been injured, you can seek different types of damages. Your medical bills that come from that injury from that car wreck, for example, we can recover those. We can also recover your lost wages if you had to miss work. If you’ve got future pain and suffering, we can recover from that. The pain and suffering from the actual wreck, we can recover from that for you. I’ll never forget a case where we represented a woman who had been injured in a car wreck, and I knew her on a first-name basis. She, like all of our clients, has my cell phone number. And we were sitting there waiting for the jury trial to start and I watched as the insurance defense lawyer looked down the hallway and saw her client come walking down. And as that defendant approached the insurance defense lawyer, the insurance defense lawyer stuck her hand out and introduced herself to her client on the very first day of the jury trial.

I knew my client on a first-name basis and had her cell phone number saved in my phone, and that defense lawyer was meeting her client in the hallway right before the trial started. Well, needless to say, we got a great outcome for our client. When you hire us, you have the confidence of knowing that we’ll treat you like friends, we’ll treat you like family, and the insurance company, well, they may just be meeting their client in the hallway on the first day of the trial.


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