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Georgia Personal Injury Jury Trial

Ultimately, if the insurance company isn’t willing to be reasonable in your personal injury case, we will take your case to a jury trial. We have a track record of taking cases to jury trials at the Claiborne Firm. They know that if they don’t settle with our clients, we have no fear of going into a courtroom and forcing them to have to answer to a jury.

I remember right before one jury trial, I was sitting next to my client in the hallway and we were talking about how the case was going to go. I looked down the hall and I watched as the insurance defense lawyer introduced herself to her client that day, the very morning that the jury trial was going to start.

We got a great result for our client in that case because she was prepared to take the witness stand. Our client had been working with us for months to be prepared for the jury trial. That defendant had been ignored by the insurance defense lawyer. I saw it and took the opportunity to immediately put her on the stand and the jury could see what happened.

None of our clients wants to go into a courtroom. People feel uncomfortable in a courtroom. Nobody walks in a courtroom as a client of ours and goes, “Oh man. I feel great to be here today.” But what’s funny, is we as lawyers, I guess we’re wired a little different because I love it. I love walking into a courtroom, because that’s the place where I’m finally able to get my client what they’re entitled to, finally able to show the truth of what happened and to hold somebody accountable for what they’ve done wrong.


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