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Filing a Lawsuit For Personal Injury in Georgia

No one wants to be a plaintiff in a lawsuit. We only file suit if we have to. At The Claiborne Firm, we determine early on whether or not the insurance company is going to be reasonable in your case or not.

None of our clients wakes up in the morning wanting to be a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit. People come to us after they’ve been hurt and they want us to try to resolve their case, most of the time, without filing a lawsuit. It’s the fact that the insurance companies aren’t willing to recognize how injured our client is and provide appropriate compensation that forces us to file a lawsuit. We’re not afraid to file a lawsuit but none of our clients wanted to be injured by this defendant, it’s the insurance company that forces it to happen by not being willing to pay our clients what they deserve.

Because we only represent a few clients at a time at The Claiborne Firm, we have the time to focus on your case, to see all the angles to put as much pressure as possible on the insurance company to settle your case and to pay you what you deserve.


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