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See a Doctor After a Car Accident in Georgia

After a car wreck case, it’s important to go see real doctors at real hospitals. To maximize the recovery for our clients, we tell every single one of our clients to go see real doctors at real hospitals. Do exactly what those doctors tell you to do, no more, no less. Going out and seeking your treatment or hiring somebody that advertises on TV to treat you after a car wreck, the insurance companies look at those bills and they shuttle them over to the side. In a number of our cases, the pain that our client feels is not the worst right when the accident occurs, because there’s a shock effect. People will not feel the pain at the very moment that it’s caused, because there’s just so much trauma that they’ve been subjected to. But in the days and weeks that follow is when that pain surfaces.

Insurance companies want to use that against you, but that’s normal. That’s what the human body does. When you’ve been subjected to trauma, you go into shock. And so your body’s protecting you by not having you feel that pain at that moment. The insurance companies want to hold that against you, but that’s you just being a normal person.

Don’t be worried if your pain gets worse a few days or weeks after the accident. That makes you normal. That the insurance company wants to hold that against you? Well, that just makes them cruel. You’re not a number at the Claiborne Firm. You’re somebody that we know on a first-name basis and talk to regularly, someone that we care about. At a high-volume firm, clients are treated like numbers. At the Claiborne Firm, they’re treated like family.


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