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Georgia Car Accident Settlement Stories

The cases that are the most intellectually interesting though, are the ones that have unique fact patterns or where the law is complicated. Those challenges, those situations where the solution isn’t obvious are incredibly intellectually and emotionally rewarding. We had a mother come to us and hire the firm, her son, who was an adult, but it was her son had been crossing a road and a driver was driving recklessly in a Camaro and had come up behind a van and then gone to swerve around that van and hit our client when he was a pedestrian.

The Camaro was going at a high rate of speed and our client didn’t stand a chance and was killed in this accident. She had originally, the mother had originally contacted a high volume firm and that high volume firm had told her she was only going to be able to get $25,000 for the death of her son. Think about that $25,000 for her son’s life. She came to us, she hired us. We ended up filing a lawsuit on her behalf, and we’re ultimately able to settle that case for millions of dollars for her.

If you’ve been injured, the insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible. At The Claiborne Firm, we have a track record of maximizing the value of cases. We have taken over cases from other law firms that they saw as having little value or no value and get hundreds of thousands of dollars for those individual clients.


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