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Where Do I Start In a Georgia Personal Injury Case?

Every personal injury case has a statute of limitations. That’s a time that you have to bring your claim or else you’re going to lose your rights. We encourage our clients to contact us as soon as possible because some of those statutes of limitations can be very short. If you’ve been injured, call us as soon as possible. Insurance companies will try to hide evidence, try to influence witnesses, and do everything possible to undermine your case from day one. Immediately after you’ve been hurt, it’s important to document what’s happened. Photographs from a hospital to an emergency room can be incredibly powerful. So we encourage all of our clients to contact us as soon as possible, but then also immediately start documenting what went on.

When you contact The Claiborne Firm after you’ve been hurt, the first thing that we will do is meet with you and talk through your case, understand everything that happened and immediately start protecting your interests. We will reach out to witnesses, go to the accident scene, document what occurred there, and start building your case from day one because the insurance company is going to be trying to tear that case down. High-volume law firms handle thousands of cases at a time. At The Claiborne Firm, we only represent a small number of individuals at any time. That allows us to focus on your case and allows you to have the confidence of knowing that your case is getting the attention that it deserves.


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