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What’s My Georgia Personal Injury Case Worth?

One of the first questions that a client asks us, almost all the time, is, “Hey, Will, what’s my case worth?” And I tell all of those clients, “It depends on a lot of different factors.” And we want to investigate all of those factors to get that client as much as we possibly can. So it depends on the medical bills, the extent of the injuries, whether the injuries are permanent, how much work was missed, whether there are other individuals in the house that rely on our client for their services. Ultimately, we want to get our clients everything that they’re entitled to, and what your case is worth depends on all of those different factors. By paying as close of attention to the cases as we do, we maximize those factors to get our clients every last dime.

So what’s your case worth? Quite frankly, it’s worth a heck of a lot more when you hire an experienced lawyer. You’re not a number at The Claiborne Firm, you’re somebody that we know on a first-name basis and talk to regularly, someone that we care about. At a high-volume firm, clients are treated like numbers, at The Claiborne Firm, they’re treated like family.


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