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Strategically Preparing for a Georgia Divorce

The best strategy in a divorce case is for the other side to know that you’re willing to fight if that’s what’s needed, but that you’re willing to compromise if that’s what they’re willing to do.

When you hire an attorney to handle your divorce or your custody case, you don’t want a lamb who’s going to lay down, but you also don’t want a bulldog because a bulldog will latch onto something like a bone and you can take that bone and hold it over a cliff and let go. What you want is a wolf. You want someone who assesses the situation and then goes in and gets what they want, gets what they need, and comes back out. You want somebody who’s going to be strategically aggressive.

The sooner we can get involved in the case, the sooner that we can start helping. That’s why hiring a divorce lawyer early in the process is so critically important because we can preserve evidence. We can get restraining orders. We can do all kinds of things the sooner that we get involved in a case.

Experience matters in a divorce case and a custody case, because that experienced attorney is going to know the law and is going to know what to do in your specific case to best present it to the judge, to get the best outcome for you.


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