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No one expects to be hit by a vehicle when they’re just walking down the street or crossing the road, but it happens all the time. These experiences can be particularly terrifying. Beyond the physical injuries, pedestrian accidents can leave emotional and mental scars that last years. We know what you’ve been through, and we want to help reduce your anxiety and get you on a path to recovery mentally, physically, and financially.

Here are a few things we recommend doing right away if you’ve been in a pedestrian accident:

  1. • See a Doctor and Get Treatment for Your Injuries

Visit a doctor as soon as possible so they can evaluate you and come up with a treatment plan. Make sure to tell your doctor about any injuries, pain, or problems with mobility you might be having. They will use that information to determine the extent of your injuries and set up treatments to improve your health.

  1. • Research Attorneys and Call Your Insurance

Report the accident to your insurance right away, but don’t give a formal statement until you’ve retained the help of a lawyer. Delaying your report can lead to problems in the future, but so can giving a statement without an experienced attorney on the phone with you. Insurance adjusters are looking for any reason to reduce your settlement, and you don’t want to give them any simply because you didn’t have an attorney.

  1. • Collect Evidence

Write down an account of everything you recall about the accident and keep a daily record of your injuries, medical costs, and the accident’s impact on your life. Details like these can be hard to remember later, so having a daily log is helpful for making your case.

Pedestrian’s Rights

People assume pedestrian accidents are the pedestrian’s fault – maybe they jaywalked or simply didn’t look for traffic before crossing a street. In reality, many accidents involving pedestrians happen because drivers don’t see them. Perhaps they were in a blind spot, or the driver just did not expect to see a person in their path.

Pedestrians are much more vulnerable in vehicle accidents. As such, Georgia gives pedestrians some specific rights. Georgia law states that drivers must use “due care” to identify and avoid pedestrians even, and especially, outside of marked crosswalks. Drivers are always required to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk, and pedestrians always have the right-of-way on footpaths or sidewalks.


Watch Out: Billboards and TV Commercials Can Be Deceiving  

When looking for a lawyer, don’t be fooled by flashy TV commercials and expensive advertising. Those firms will tell you they can resolve your case quickly. As a result, they may overlook important elements of your case.

There’s a reason we keep our caseloads low at The Claiborne Firm. We want to give each client the attention they need. We don’t advertise because we don’t need to. We’re not interested in taking high volumes of cases. Instead, we only take cases that matter, and we fight for our clients relentlessly. With low caseloads, we can afford to do our research to get the settlements our clients deserve.


Restore Your Health by Preparing to Maximize Your Settlement

We approach every case with the goal of being better prepared than opposing counsel. In personal injury cases, that’s the insurance company. Our preparation gives our clients a distinct advantage. Make sure to report your case, seek medical care, and find an attorney as soon as possible to increase your odds of getting an appropriate settlement.


A History of Fighting for Personal Injury Victims

Example Case: Even though the at-fault driver had a small, $25,000 insurance policy, our attorney, William Claiborne, was able to secure a seven-figure settlement for our client. The client sought us out after working with a large firm, frequently seen on TV for more than a year. Sadly, the client lost her son in a fatal car accident, but the large firm sat on her case until she sought us out. As soon as we took the case, we fought aggressively to get her the kind of settlement she deserved for tragically losing her son.


Why Hire The Claiborne Firm?

Each client of The Claiborne Firm gets one-on-one attention. We are aggressive in court, we come up with creative arguments in challenging cases, and we doggedly for our most vulnerable clients.

Our Method

As a boutique firm, we only take on a few personal injury cases. By being selective, we can give each client individualized attention.

That attention is critical in personal injury cases – insurance claim adjusters and their counsel will downplay your injuries and minimize the impact on your life in order to lower your settlement.

If you’ve been in a pedestrian accident and suffered injuries, reach out today to discuss your case. We offer free, no-obligation case reviews, and we can come to you or speak over the phone – wherever you are most comfortable.


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