Divorce Mediation

Seeking a mediation in your divorce case can save time, resources and hard feelings — allowing you to preserve future family engagement.

Attorney William R. Claiborne, The Claiborne Firm:

Mediation — or alternative dispute resolution — is a fantastic way to resolve a family law case, and particularly a case that involves custody.

Here at the Claiborne Firm, we prepare all of our cases as though they are going to end up at a final trial. And the other side knowing that we’re willing to take a case all the way to trial really helps get cases resolved at mediation.

That’s really the best-case scenario for our client: for them to get what they’re entitled to, but not have to go through the stress of full-blown litigation and not have to incur the attorney’s fees and costs of that litigation.

Knowing that our client got the resolution that he or she is entitled to, but is still going to feel comfortable going to the child’s wedding in the future, or graduation, to be able to attend those family events is important to us here at the firm.

We take that responsibility seriously and we do everything possible to make sure our clients are able to get a resolution of their case that they’re entitled to, but without destroying the future relationship with their child.

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