Attention to Your Injury

If you are injured in a car accident in Georgia and looking for a lawyer, don’t believe everything you see on television commercials.

Large law firms that churn clients and cases like car accidents give the impression that these cases are quick and easy to resolve. In that process, key aspects of your case may be overlooked. Attorney Will Claiborne describes one such case that led to a million-dollar recovery.


A woman came to us and she had hired a high-volume television advertising lawyer to handle a car wreck case, unfortunately a case where her son had been killed in a car wreck.

That high-volume firm hadn’t even touched the file, even though she had lost her son almost a year before.

We were able to take that case, and despite there only being a $25,000 insurance policy, work it through the process so that at the end of the day, she didn’t receive some tiny check in exchange for her son’s life. But instead, she received a seven-figure settlement.

Close attention, individualized attention to files sets us apart.

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