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Georgia Who Should Pay For Divorce Laws

In a divorce, you can ask for the other side to pay for your attorney’s fees. If they have more money or if they’re the cause of the divorce, you’re much more likely to get those attorney’s fees paid by the other party and it’s very important to make sure to ask for those. If someone has caused the divorce, if it’s been their bad acts that have brought our client to that situation, we always try to ask for attorney’s fees because the party who engaged in the misconduct is the one who should be paying those attorney’s fees, not the spouse that’s been victimized. Higher volume attorneys just don’t have the time to spend thinking about cases and understanding what’s going on in those particular cases. So a lot of times they’ll miss the nuances, they won’t have the creative thought, and they just don’t get the results for their clients that we’re able to get because we have more time and more attention that we pay to each case.


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