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Georgia Uncontested Divorce Process Laws

An uncontested divorce in Georgia is one where the parties agree that they want to get a divorce and agree on the division of the property and if there are children, issues of child custody, and child support.

Uncontested divorces can move very quickly. If the parties are in agreement, then we can get people divorced as quickly as say six to eight weeks. Contested cases take longer.

In Georgia, statistically, most divorce cases ended up settling instead of having a final contested hearing. We always try to get our clients the result that they’re entitled to by settlement first, but if it needs litigation, we’ll do that.

At the Claiborne Firm, we don’t handle hundreds and hundreds of cases. We represent a smaller number of clients and do a better job for them. That means, that in your divorce case or your custody case, we have the time to look at what’s going on in your case because not all cases are the same, and sometimes having that extra period to think about a case can really help come up with a creative approach, not just the what everybody would do in this situation approach.


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