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Georgia Personal Injury Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases are cases where a person has been killed because someone else did something wrong. In those cases, the estate of the person who has died and their surviving family members have claims. We want to bring every claim that we possibly can. In a wrongful death case, there are several different types of damages that we can recover. Of course, we can recover the medical expenses, the funeral expenses, and we can also recover the future lost wages of that individual. But a person’s life isn’t measured just by the expenses that they incurred or the money that they didn’t make. We can also recover the full value of their life, meaning experiences that they didn’t get a chance to have. Perhaps a wedding that they didn’t get to have, or the opportunity to be a parent, really, the interactions and the life that they would have lived, we can seek compensation for those lost experiences. The enjoyment of someone’s life was cut off because of what the defendant did. What’s built into the DNA of our firm is fighting for people who have been victimized by somebody else.


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