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Georgia Personal Injury – Settlement Case

After we have pulled the evidence together in your personal injury suit, we’ll then send a demand to the insurance company, demanding that they pay what your case is worth. That’s their last chance to be reasonable before we take the case to trial. We send an offer of judgment in our cases to force the insurance company to put up or shut up.

Are you willing to pay what this case is worth? Are you willing to risk not only having to pay my client but also pay me? We represented a woman who had been injured in a car wreck and the insurance company thought that she was faking her injuries. We sent an offer of judgment in that case and they refused to pay it.

And I’ll never forget walking into the courtroom on the first day of the jury trial and the insurance defense lawyer looked at me and said, “Your client’s a nice lady. I hope the jury awards her some money, but not everything that you want.” I couldn’t believe it.

That was the insurance defense lawyer that had been refusing to settle this case with our client for years. And she said my client was a nice lady and she hoped that the jury awarded her some money. But what ended up happening at the end of that trial was that the jury awarded every dime that we asked for.

And because we got that award and it was above our offer of judgment, that insurance company not only had to pay what the jury awarded our client but also had to pay our attorney’s fees. We forced them to pay and they know that we’ll do it again.


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