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Georgia Personal Injury – Loss of Consortium

In your day-to-day life, you do things around your house and perhaps help to take care of other people. If you’ve been injured by somebody else, then a lot of times you can’t do those things anymore. So those people who live with you, that you provide assistance to, also have claims.

So oftentimes in our personal injury cases, we’ll add those claims in it’s called a loss of consortium claim because we want to get not only the maximum recovery for you, but also for all of the people in your family and in your life that have had damages that came out of this injury.

I decided to become a lawyer to help people. My mom said when I was growing up that I had a righteous indignation streak and what I just really can’t stand is when people go out in the world and they hurt other people. They harm other people. They exploit them and think that they can get away with it.

What’s built into the DNA of our firm is it all of us wake up in the morning, wanting to right those wrongs, wanting to fight for the people that have been harmed by other folks. You know, I can’t stand it when somebody thinks that they’re better than somebody else and thinks that they can just go out there in the world and treat somebody like dirt or harm them and just walk away from it. Holding those people accountable, I love that.


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