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Georgia High Asset Divorce Laws

Because of our experience in handling family law cases for over 15 years, at the firm, we’re able to handle complicated cases, particularly financially complicated cases to be able to get in there and know how to read those tax returns, to understand what the figures mean on a K1, for example, or deal with a closely held family business and things like that. Because when you start talking about high assets, if you miss something, if a lawyer misses something, they can cost their client hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That’s why we spend so much time going through all of those records is to make sure that we get every single thing that our client’s entitled to in their divorce. In the highest of divorce cases, taxes, both taxes that have been paid in the past, but also future tax liability can be incredibly important. So having a knowledge base that we’ve done these cases over and over again, we can help to protect our clients from unforeseen tax consequences that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, in some cases. Family law cases are incredibly important.

When you think about it, what you’re fighting over in court and litigating over is everything you own, everything you owe, your rights, and access to your children. These are the things that we hold very dear in our hearts, and that’s why we choose to represent a smaller number of clients because these cases are just so important.


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