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Georgia Divorce Temporary Restraining Order Laws

In a divorce where there is an emergency, if somebody’s life is at stake, then we can go and get an emergency hearing right at the very beginning of the case and go ahead and get that restraining order and that protection in place from the very first day that we filed that divorce.

And if the other party breaks that restraining order, and that’s a felony in Georgia called aggravated stalking. Those restraining orders are very important.

I had a client hire me and he was concerned about the safety of his kids because, unfortunately, his former wife was an alcoholic. We were able to hire a private investigator to follow her and document what was going on. And ultimately, because of our private investigator’s work, she ended up being arrested for a DUI with the kids in the car. We were able to immediately get him custody of those kids and the protection that they needed.

When I started the firm over 10 years ago, one of the first things that I did was have my cell phone number put on my business card. Every single client of mine has my cell phone number. And that’s true for every single attorney that works at our firm. If you hire our firm, you will have the ability to get us on the phone because our cell phone number is on that business card that you’ll get on day one.


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