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Georgia Divorce Proving Infidelity Laws

One of the things that we can do in a divorce case is document that the other side is engaged in an extramarital affair. Oftentimes, we’ll hire a private investigator because nothing is more compelling than direct evidence of a person’s affair. Folks will lie all the time and say, “Oh, I wasn’t doing that,” or whatever. But when you got a video of them going into a hotel room with somebody, and then coming back out of that hotel room an hour later, a lot of times their story will change. I love actual documents, actual photographs, videotapes, and things like that because in family law cases, unfortunately, it seems like the other side, they’ll just say whatever they want to say. But when you’ve got the actual document, you can put it in front of them and be like, “Here are the text messages that you sent with your coworker. You still deny that you’re having an affair?” I love evidence.


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