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Georgia Divorce Establishing Paternity Laws

When a child is born and the parents aren’t married, only the mother has legal rights to that child and it’s very important for the father to establish his rights to that child, and that’s done through a process called legitimation. To legitimate a child in Georgia, you have to go to court and get a court order. Having an attorney who’s skilled in those legitimation actions is important.

In a legitimation action, we can change the custody of a child. We can change the name of the child. We provide for child support, visitation, everything that would happen in a divorce case. It’s just that the parties weren’t married when the child was born. Every attorney in our firm has their cell phone number on their business card, and every single client can get in touch with us because that’s a measure of self-discipline. You can’t have unhappy clients if they have the same cell phone number that your mom uses to get you.


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