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Georgia Divorce Determining Child Custody Laws

In Georgia divorces, if there’s a child, then one of the most important issues is custody of that child. There are two types of custody. Legal custody, who can make the decisions about where the child goes to school or church or their medical care. Then physical custody, which is where are the children on any given particular day. Once a divorce case has been filed in Georgia, you can have a temporary hearing. Temporary hearings are very important because they determine who’s going to be living where while the case is pending. If there are children, who are the children going to be living with, and when’s the other party going to be seeing them. Temporary child support, temporary alimony, all these things are very important because they establish a status quo for the case that oftentimes ends up being the final resolution.

In Georgia, with a divorce case that involves children, you’re going to end up having what’s called a Parenting Plan. That parenting plan lays out where the children are going to be over the year. Those sorts of visitation agreements become part of a court order and are legally binding. Experience matters in a divorce case and a custody case, because that experienced attorney is going to know the law, and is going to know what to do in your specific case to best present it to the judge, to get the best outcome for you.


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