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Georgia Divorce Cost

You know, one of the things we try to do in our family law cases is real direct and upfront with people, particularly about money. Everyone wants to know, how much does this case is going to cost. And so when we meet with folks and have an initial consultation, we’ll take the real measure of the case, and quote a realistic retainer fee. And that may mean that sometimes clients will go somewhere else, because a lot of times what a lawyer will do, unfortunately, quotes a low retainer fee to somebody, knowing that the case is going to cost more, but it makes the client think that they’re going to be cheaper. And so then they’ll end up just winning a case that way or getting a client to hire them that way. We like to quote realistic retainer fees for people.

Because at the end of the day, I want to be honest with people and folks want to know what their case is going to cost. And that might mean that some folks end up hiring other lawyers, but our honesty and direct communication with our clients is something we value, no one who calls our firm wants to be calling a lawyer. They’re calling a lawyer because something’s happened in their life that means that they need our help. We love helping people. We love fighting for people. That’s what drives us, our passion for fighting for the people who don’t want to be hiring a lawyer but need to hire one.


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