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Georgia Divorce Alimony Modification Laws

In Georgia, you can modify alimony if you show a change in the financial circumstances of either or both of the parties. So if the person paying is making a lot more money or the person who’s receiving the alimony doesn’t need it as much anymore, you can go back to court and you can ask a judge to change it. I met with a woman one time and her divorce case was already over. The judge had entered a final order. But that order was horrible for her. We were able to uncover a technicality that allowed us to have that divorce decree set aside, and even the agreement that was underlying that divorce decree, we also got that set-aside.

Once we got that done, we were able to start the case all over from the very beginning. Ultimately, we were able to obtain over a million dollars worth of alimony for her. Handling fewer cases allows us the time to engage in those cases and come up with a creative solution than other attorneys might have missed.


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